Born: 1928–1945 
Size: 27 million / 8% of the U.S. population

This post is part of our series on the ways that Utility Customer Relationship Management affects customer engagement. Because they serve people of all ages, utility messaging needs to be multigenerational.

The Silent Generation is actually the latter part of The Greatest Generation. Some of the formative historical events for this generation include:

FeaturePics-Standing-Line-Image095337-278610Members of the Silent Generation have social and economic habits formed during times of significant hardship that overlapped starting with the Stock Market Crash of 1929 when the oldest of them were one year old through the end of World War II 17 years later. The economic hardship, rationing, and the agricultural ravages of the Dust Bowl, meant that when they were children, The Silent Generation saw their families work hard, and make do with what they had, and spend frugally and only when necessary. Families and communities had to pull together and help each other. Some of the formative events of their time reflect this, for instance this generation was instrumental in starting the Civil Rights Movement.

This generation finished the 60-year project of building current electrical grid in the 1950s.

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The Silent Generation’s values emphasize the importance of quality, hard work, understanding and helping each other. Members of the Silent Generation do not like drawing attention to themselves either by complaining or for their accomplishments. They tend to be conservative and to strive for financial security. They believe in making sacrifices for the common good, and they want to feel needed. They are socially adept, patriotic, good team players, loyal to employers, and emphasize traditions and family values.

Importantly for utilities, members of the Silent Generation:

  • Do not like waste, financial or otherwise
  • Expect quality and loyalty
  • Are the wealthiest retirees ever
  • Tend to trust what they read more than subsequent generations
  • Respond well to paper, long form written content, and sentimental, traditional, family-oriented imagery

Application points for messaging:

  • This generation looks likely to be the last one that values paper over digital at high percentages
  • More and more of members of The Silent Generation can be reached digitally
  • High quality, longer form communications might be appreciated whether paper or digital.
  • Emphasize avoiding waste.


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