Laura Steinbrink

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Laura SteinbrinkLaura Steinbrink founded Brilliency in 2014 after identifying the business opportunity through a consulting engagement with the nation’s largest aggregator for electric + gas.  Laura is a successful executive of start-up companies (non-profit and for-profit) and Brilliency is her forth venture over her 25-year career.

Laura led the formation of Brilliency’s digital platform including wireframe and functional design when it started.  Today, she serves as CEO and visionary with primary responsibly for revenue.  The company achieved market validation in 2016 with the nation’s 29th largest municipal electric utility and its 60,000 customers.

Laura holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from Green Mountain College and a BA in Government from Colby College, she is a native of Northeast Ohio where she lives with her two teenage boys.

Djifa Amefia

VP Business Development | Strategic PartnershipsUntitled

Djifa Amefia has an 18-year track record of delivering Business and Information Technology (IT), Strategy & Transformation, and Project Management in the Energy and Utility industry. He has a deep knowledge of technical business operations and a solid track record of helping clients take a more strategic view of their priorities while helping them prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda and maximize operational efficiency. His experience and in-depth knowledge has resulted in key projects that address Smart Metering/Grid, NERC Compliance, Geographical Information System (GIS), Energy Efficiency / Demand Response, Grid Operations and Management, Grid Automation, and Distribution Management.

Prior to Brilliency, Djifa worked for Accenture, Structure, and Black & Veatch.  Djifa is a strong multifaceted strategy and technology leader who combines innovation with pragmatism, vision with execution and a sense of urgency. Djifa has delivered major projects across the United States and internationally.


Fran DiDonato

Director of Operations | Housing Market Leader


Fran Didonato brings to Brilliency deep experience with launching new organizations, organizational development, and working with communities and cities.

Fran is a licensed attorney and practiced for several years before turning her sights to the civic sector. During her legal practice she was an Assistant Director of the Cleveland Department of Law for the Departments of Health, Environment and Public Utilities. Fran was hired to start and launch the Cleveland Water Alliance and she previously served as the Assistant Director at Canalway Partners. She is perfectly positioned to lead Brilliency’s operations and will lead the launch of our product in the US housing market.



Jacoby DuBose

Blockchain Advisor

JacobyJacoby DuBose is leading the planning and development of our transaction-based platform, the Brilliency wallet.  He is a developer and startup founder specializing in mobile, media and blockchain technology. He is also a former Olympian and All-American track and field athlete.

Jacoby has researched and taught at several universities in the fields of computer science and physics. Before founding blockchain financing startup called Dub, Jacoby built mobile apps for several businesses and government agencies including Anthem Insurance, The U.S. Department of Labor, The U.S. Department of Defense, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.