email_app-imagesProduct Overview


Mobile Applications

Connect to your customers through mobile applications for your utility. Native applications branded for your organization are distributed in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for easy access and installation.

Data Integration

Brilliency simplifies 


integration and automation of meter data, billing information and account information with continuous data integration of RESTful services and scheduled imports of bulk data. Generate reports online or export data for offline analysis.

Software as a Service

Brilliency delivers a fully managed mobile and cloud application platform, ensuring accessibility and uptime without requiring investments in technology infrastructure. Onboarding includes account definition, meter data integration and importing of historical data.

Management Portal

All the tools for managing the program are accessed online through a unified management portal with an intuitive dashboard, rich content management, email distribution, SMS messaging and reporting. Roles and responsibilities are assignable at the organization, community and utility levels.





Brilliant Efficiency complements your utility’s online presence and helps you improve relationships with your customers. Our platform is easy to plug into existing CIS, meter and billing systems.

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Relationships Matter

Brilliency create efficiencies for our clients and their customers.  We do so by fostering relationships that matter - relationships that deliver value.  Our flagship product, Brilliant Efficiency, is a game-based digital platform that allows utilities and housing authorities to gain financial and performance efficiencies while their customers benefit from convenience, access to data and information on how to save. 


Connect with Customers

Our web and mobile platform makes it easy to build relationships with customers where they are.


Build Relationships With Customers

Customers expect value and utilities benefit from efficiencies and cost savings. Our platform delivers value and efficiencies for everyone connected.

Big Data

Leveraging Data for Results

We understand the fundamental value of data as a driver of knowledge and action. When people have information that matters, results flow. Our platform captures data from utilities and customers and makes information that drives results.

Customer Support

Show Your Customers How Much You Care

Customers want an easy two-way communication channel with you. Our solutions help you efficiently deliver exceptional customer support through timely multi-modal communication.