Product Overview

Brilliency is the only analytics and customer engagement PaaS that serves electric, gas, and water utilities in a single platform. We deliver valuable insights that encompass legacy systems and emerging devices along with customer feedback, improving current demand management and preparing utilities for the complex technology landscape of the future.



Modular Applications

Connect to your customers through mobile and web applications white-labeled for your utility. Native applications branded for your organization are distributed in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for easy access and installation.  If you already have a web presence, we are able to offer feature sets as plug-ins or bolt-ons to your existing solutions.

Data Integration

Brilliency simplifies integration and automation of meter data, billing information and account information with continuous data integration of RESTful services and scheduled imports of bulk data. Generate reports online or export data for offline analysis.

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Platform as a Service

Brilliency delivers a fully managed mobile and cloud application platform, ensuring accessibility and uptime without requiring investments in technology infrastructure. Onboarding includes account definition, meter data integration and importing of historical data.

Management Portal

All the tools for managing the program are accessed online through a unified management portal with an intuitive dashboard, rich content management, email distribution, SMS messaging and reporting. Roles and responsibilities are assignable at the organization, community and utility levels.

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Harnessing Data for

Valuable Insights

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Cleveland Public Power (CPP)is the 29th largest public power company in the US, serving over 65,000 homes and businesses in Cleveland, Ohio. Seeking to enhance their customer’s experience, improve brand loyalty and increase self-service,CPP sought a partner to help them reach their goals.  Brilliency delivered.

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Decrease Costs

Connect with customers

Decrease cost to serve the customer -- reduce call center usage, streamline billing/payment, reduce collections, streamline online outage reporting and more!


Make it easy

Make self-service the 'norm' and provide them with user-friendly tools on web and mobile platforms

Produce Results

Harness Data - Deliver Value

Meet KPIs for utility, customer, and regulators for demand-side management (DSM), cost-reduction, self-service, and more.

Engage Customers

Change behaviors

Change customer behaviors to conserve energy/water through gamification, increasing participation in conservation programs

We follow the standards of the Data Guard Privacy Program.