Opportunities for Public UtilitiesSome utilities are already thriving with satisfied customers in this environment. They are adapting fast enough to exploit opportunities for public utilities created by rapid change.

While that gives them an advantage, there is no time to rest on their technological laurels. Utilities need to anticipate and respond to ongoing change on an ongoing basis. This requires an emphasis on shrewd agility informed by deeper and more diverse fields of expertise.

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Here are some of the opportunities for public utilities that we see for now and in the near future.

Build a stronger utility-customer relationship with better communication:

  • Allow customers to engage with communications they prefer: text, website, phone, mobile app, and email.
  • Communicate about power outages as proactively and consistently as possible.
  • Communicate in terms of major customer values: technology, convenience, bills, the environment, home values, etc.
  • Touch on as many different customer values as possible communications that go to every customer.
  • Go deeper in communications to each segment in terms of their values.

Become a service on top of the provided power by helping customers with their objectives, including:

  • Integrating smart home technologies.
  • Understanding the data that their smart devices provide.
  • Understanding and evaluating options in terms of their values.
  • Upgrade their homes in ways that will make them more efficient and more valuable.
  • Changing their behaviors for environmental and financial benefits.

Use customer data to understand customers and customize communication for them

Start with basic market segmentation by demographics and then refine it based on responses.

Go beyond a paper bill and call center service

Utility, “customer service is not about delivering a commodity anymore; it’s about the customer experience.” HCL Technologies Customer Engagement – Strategic Imperative for Utilities  newsletter.

Customize for customers, they can help you

Allow customers to control how you communicate with them, and use that to learn what is important to them.

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Help customers share data

More and more utility customers will want to share their utility usage information, which presents opportunities for public utilities to help them do so, thus enabling the utilities to better promote their programs and begin to influence less engaged customers to engage more.

Move online, and get more mobile

As more and more customers prefer to pay bills and communicate by digital means, utilities can simultaneously:

  • Save expenses,
  • Speed communications,
  • Improve customer satisfaction,
  • Reduce the occasions for the negative interactions that have sometimes held them back in forging a great customer relationship.

Use analytics to help reduce expenses

The IoT and BYOT trends, sometimes supported by local law provide great opportunities for utilities to move from a near-invisible fee-for-service provider to a valued economic, technological, and environmental partner.

Present customer information in ways the customer can use

Utilities are learning that customers, especially residential customers, cannot handle a stream of raw data. This is a great opportunity to step in and help customers understand the impact of their behaviors, home improvements, and new devices.

Start with simple efficiency

If all of this seems overwhelming, start with simple changes that have broad appeal.

Here are a couple of opportunities for public utilities, (which many utilities have done,) to achieve that objective:

  • The 2013 McKinsey report discussed below mentioned that basic efficiency initiatives like LED bulbs and better shower heads had "broad appeal."
  • One of the easiest ways to reach out and begin to improve the customer communication experience is to provide energy efficiency tips.

Of course the real changes start to flow from measuring response, fine-tuning communications, and using technology to help customers achieve helpful objectives, and to use the more efficient products well. But that may require partnering…

Partner for services driven by the data you already have

Hey, our perspective on this one should be obvious: as utilities are learning, partnerships with companies like Brilliency can provide expertise and services that utilities need to offer the usage, efficiency, engagement, personalization, and communication efforts they need.

So why are these the opportunities we see?


Opportunities for Public Utilities:
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