Brilliant Efficiency

BRILLIENCY helps housing authorities manage utilities for its properties by engaging its tenants around efficiency and savings.

The game-based engagement app and online portal integrates utility data from a variety of sources, including tenant-paid accounts. It allows housing programs to interact with tenants digitally and in real-time to foster efficiency and savings.

With Brilliency, housing authorities are able to integrate data and analytics to affect key decision making for today and tomorrow’s performance indicators. Brilliency also makes it easy for the tenant to save and engage — in the palm of their hand.

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Your tenants are online via smartphone; 
Brilliency helps you reach them where they are.

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Brilliant Efficiency

Our game-based Consumer Engagement app inspires your tenants to work with you in today’s changing dynamic utility environment. By communicating with your tenants, you can drive programs and services including conservation, efficiency and general awareness.

Enhanced Tenant Experience

Tenants love earning points and badges for developing a meaningful relationship that delivers insights and data you can use to reach goals.

Efficiency + Bill Pay

Our tools and resources help you reach your efficiency goals by inspiring your tenants to conserve and curb consumption, delivering you the savings you need to reach goals.

Custom Multi-Modal Communications

Your tenants want to hear from you. When you reach out to your tenants, they will respond to you.

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Simple & Engaging

Your housing authority wins with:

  • Consumer data and analytics
  • Easy Admin Interface
  • Conversations with customers
  • Integrated
  • Outage reporting
  • Meter display
  • Multi-location account integration
  • Efficiency program integration
  • Alerts, text, email capabilities

Your customers will keep returning for more:

  • Mobile + Web
  • Personalized Experience
  • Timely Communications
  • Dynamic Data Display
  • Budget Tools
  • Incentives + Rewards
  • Savings tips



Take your tenant support and savings goals to the next level.

Be an engaging partner who your tenants count on for timely and tailored communications.

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