From month to month for over a century, communications between utilities and customers have taken place via a paper bill. Though some utilities have optional electronic versions of the bill with email or text alerts, the customer experience remains largely the same.

Consumers can easily skim, forgot or ignore current communications. Beyond finding and paying the amount due, it is easy to disregard the bulk of the text on a bill. They filter out marketing messages on mail including on bills without a second thought, and this makes it easy to overlook even non-marketing utility messages.

While both customer and utility benefit from easier bill pay, it is also hard to make a positive emotional connection with bills alone. Bills do not have positive emotional associations.

Because most utility bills are one-way communications, analytics are not a possibility. You just can’t get a read rate on a paper bill. Forget about learning from the details of customer interaction with the information on it or any other mailing. Utilities usually cannot know what information customers are ignoring until something goes wrong.

Fortunately for utilities, customer preferences continue to shift toward digital interactions, and digital interactions generate the kind of data companies need for great customer experiences (CX). “By using advanced analytics, companies can make better use of their customer and user experiences, leading to higher satisfaction — and loyalty — in the long term,” says Daniel Newman in Forbes.

Companies know that customer data is vital

UtilityDive event called, “Mastering the Digital Customer Experience in the Data-Driven Era,” cited several CX and customer data statistics from their recent study:

  • 99% of companies use data to improve the digital customer experience
  • 97% say they have challenges delivering an excellent customer experience, the biggest being a lack of customer data insight
  • 92% of companies say quality data is the fuel for digital transformation
  • 90% say enabling trusted data across the business is an ongoing priority

Utilities know holistic CX is vital too

For example, Austin Energy is, “Working at creating a holistic view of its customers, harnessing data to better market programs and understand preferences, and tweaking offerings based on the responses they get.” Even their call center is data driven, “When [any one of nearly half a million customers] calls in, we have a program we kind of developed in-house that gives us a pretty good sense of what that customer really prefers, and it creates a much more personal relationship with our customers,” says Deborah Kimberly VP of Customer Energy Solutions.

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