Brilliency Pricing


For Users, Brilliency is ALWAYS Free...

Brilliency gives utility customers one place to manage their electric, natural gas & water accounts all in one app. Customers can manage multiple properties in a single app, ideal for everyone who uses electricity, water or natural gas.

For Utility Companies, Brilliency is a Free, Open Community for Electric, Gas & Water...

By linking to Brilliency, your utility is able to do the following at NO COST to your company:

  • Start communicating with customers today via email and in-app messaging
  • Share leak and outage reporting
  • Create Consumer Groups to promote new products and services and receive engagement reports*
  • Reward your customers so you reach your business goals

Or License for More Functionality...

We offer multiple levels of customization to help you get the most out of the app. 

Integrate Data
Send your customers data to us so they can see it here. We will host it based upon your security requirements. Then, you can send them alerts based upon consumption and billing cycles.
Starting at $.50/mo/customer
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Utility Bill Payment
You set the fees, We recoup them
You decide who pays them
Pricing is Custom
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Brilliency offers enterprise level web and mobile applications. Depending on where you are with your customer-facing interfaces and apps, we can help you get to the next level. Let us work with you to meet your goals.
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For Utility Providers

Brilliency streamlines communications to your customers. By linking to Brilliency, your utility is able to start communicating with customers today, including promoting new products and services and receiving engagement reports. Brilliency also offers a built in alert system to receive outage and leak reports or send outage notifications.

Utilities app for usage

Brilliency is all about the community.

Brilliency is building a community of people, utilities and organizations that use electricity, water and gas. That means you!