customer_engagement-strategyUtility executives know that they need to do something about customer satisfaction, but what? That differs for each customer. “Every utility executive interviewed 'unequivocally stated customer engagement is an executive-level priority…,’”  GTM Research found, and utility executives are right. “Utilities with the best cost-to-serve ratio scored nearly 60 percent higher in customer engagement best practices, while those that reported the best regulatory outcomes scored more than 30 percent higher in customer engagement.”

Utilities need a better relationship with customers.

This requires them to:

  • avoid frustrating customers, which requires them to understand the customers on an individual level including divergent customer values and preferred communication touchpoints: web, text, email, mobile app, etc.
  • communicate with customers in ways that they will understand and remember well enough to act
  • be able to assess customer interactions and responses to information

Utilities need to listen to their customer’s requirements in order to improve the customer experience. Utilities need to encourage digital communication wherever possible.

Brilliency customer engagement

Brilliency provides utilities with unprecedented customer insights and the tools for always-on, realtime communication. Through our platform that engages customers in an ongoing conversation, we learn more about their homes and businesses, preferences for communication and behind-the-meter technology.

Our system automatically tracks what customers do when engaged with the app and its messaging. It provides data points and analytics that help identify customer needs, wants and preferences. If you know what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) matter to your utility, Brilliency will help to measure and improve them, and if you’re not yet sure what KPI’s matter most, we can help you figure out what does by starting first with the basics.

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