Brilliency.  Because no one uses just one utility.

Want to lower your monthly household or business expenses? Utilities seem like a logical place to start. But managing and monitoring all those different accounts makes it tough to implement smart conservation practices and consistently save money.

And what about when you need to contact customer service about an outage or a bill? That’s sure to be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. Until now.

 Electric. Gas. Water. One Platform.



Your utilities are all under one roof. Now, they’re all on a single app.

Works for home and business - all of your properties at once.

Brilliency provides one place to track and optimize usage of electricity, gas, and water.

As a Brilliency app user, you get dynamic insight into usage. Even better, you can play fun games that give you more control than ever to make choices that save money. You’re also doing your part to ensure ongoing access to those most basic needs for power, heat, and water now and in the future.

Brilliency is good for your budget and great for our planet.  Download today.



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“This app really helps me keep track of my water and electricity usage. The tips I received helped me lower my monthly utility bill. " Ed, 29 – renter OH


Brilliency helps me to keep track of my utility bills for my home as well as my pizza shop. I love being able to see how my usages changes monthly, and learning how to keep prices low.” -Mike, small business owner OH


“Brilliency is great at showing me all my utility usage. I get a breakdown of what is using the most electricity, and can learn how to cut back and lower my bills.” -Ann, 28 renter OH 

Take Control of Your Utility Spending

  • Track utility usage over time.
  • See a detailed view—all the way down to connected appliances.
  • Understand how weather and other events impact your monthly bill amount.

Gamify Your Usage Habits

  • Set savings goals and keep them.

  • Conserve resources in your community and your world.

  • Earn points that can be redeemed for prizes, products, and services.

Communicate on Your Terms

  • Receive alerts and messages based on YOUR preferences.
  • Report outages fast.
  • Give feedback to your utility so they can serve you better.

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