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We're Swytch-ing Up

Who doesn’t want a little green in their wallet?  We do!  Do you?

Big announcement today at Blockland: we’re partnering with Swytch as the first blockchain-based token in our soon-to-be-released wallet.

 It’s going to help simplify the increasingly complex relationship between utilities and customers. Swytch tokens create value from behavior changes that benefit utilities, customers and communities.

Why Swytch up?

Swytch is cutting-edge technology that monetizes transactions between consumers, their utilities and communities — the same transactions Brilliency’s digital platform encourages.  

Swytch tokens reward people, companies, and other organizations that make a meaningful and measurable difference in reducing the emissions that endanger our planet.  Brilliency helps people reduce emissions by using less electricity, gas or water through data sharing, engagement and education. 

How will you earn Swytch Tokens?

Are you ready to chill at night?  Start using less by adjusting the thermostat at bedtime. With Brilliency, your energy savings get converted into Swytch Tokens (your utility, IoT thermostat needed for participation).

Want to spend some tokens?  Utilities facing CO2 regulations are lining up to buy Swytch Tokens.  Who will pay more for your choices in behaviors?  Brilliency’s mobile app will send market signals.

Think about this stuff at work?  A business scrutinized or regulated to use less CO2 might start awarding Swytch Tokens to employees that help save water or energy by being mindful at work.  BONUS!  Delivered right to your Brilliency Wallet (your utility, BAS or IoT needed for participation).

Low-income housing is another great opportunity for everyone involved. By providing incentives for household habits that help reduce consumption, utilities, housing, residents and communities reap financial, regulatory and health and safety benefits.  Month-over-month savings can lead to more green all around.

In our words, Swytch seeks to help create a more sustainable future by financially rewarding behaviors that reduce utility consumption. Brilliency exists to build relationships and integrate data (from IoT and BAS, utilities and energy markets) so utility transactions are open and market-driven.  Blockchain and tokenization are tools we both use to deliver value.

With Brilliency and Swytch, everyone can put some green in their wallets. Ready to Swytch?  Two things you can do right now:  1) Sign up for our mobile app and 2) contact your electric, gas or water utility and ask them to make the Swytch with Brilliency (we’ll send you an email after you download the app to make it easy on you).

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