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See you in Blockland

Anticipation for Blockland Solutions 2018 is building around here in #CLE. In case you’re not familiar, Blockland is an initiative that focuses on promoting a blockchain as a disruptive technology and strengthen the region’s tech ecosystem. It builds upon our city’s legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship.


We’ve taken the technology demonstration idea to heart, and attendees will be able to demo our new smartphone app. We’re excited about blockchain technology because it is part of the next wave of energy and utility innovation: transactional energy. Stop by and stop back here too. We will have more announcements in the coming days.

The conference is December 1-4, 2018. Make sure to come and see us Monday from 10:30 to 7 in Startup Alley. That's room 25. (Here's the full agenda.)

 Can't make it? That's okay. You can try the mobile app today.

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