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Our month-end utility customer messaging

We look forward to month-end because it signals the turn of billing cycles, and we get to run numbers. Data in — data analyzed — information out. With our digital consumer engagement platform’s innovative customer segmenting capabilities, we can easily determine:

  • How many customers used more or less last billing cycle
  • Send individualized, custom messages
  • Identify customers who may have an issue based on higher-than average usage
  • And more

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Besides data analysis, our platform enables multichannel customer engagement — i.e. mobile, email, web and text. We embed multi-channel engagement because it delivers better customer experience and thus better customer satisfaction. It also creates efficiencies so it's easy to reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

For example, we send each customer a monthly email based on their past month’s usage. Customers are segmented into three groups by their energy use, those who: used more, who used less and who used about the same — compared to the same month last year.

Brilliency's innovative digital and mobile consumer-engagement platform allows your utility to easily connect with customers and helps achieve operational and financial efficiencies.

Including a call to action in our messages is one of the most important things we do.  Our calls to action invite customers back into the system where they can learn, share and act.  For example, Cleveland Public Power, the nation’s 29th largest municipal electric utility, prioritizes the following activities for its customers:

  • Customers who have used more energy get an invitation to re-engage with MyCPP the customer-facing website we provide for Cleveland Public Power. We link them back to the tips and ideas that can help them save energynext month. We also ask them if things changed in their household or business that may have led to more usage.
  • Customers who used the same amountof energy get a message that reinforces the MyCPP brand and notifies them that their information has been updated and invites them back to share experiences and feedback.
  • Customer who used lessenergy get an emailcelebrating their success and rewarding them with a badge. This email also asks them to fill out a survey asking if they tried to save or not. If they indicate the energy savings were deliberate, we ask them what changes they made.

Data drives action.

  • Customers with more data are informed to make changes.  
  • Utilities with more data are able to help their customers reach their goals and find operational efficiencies to developing new programs and services.

Starting in January, our messages will be delivered directly into consumer’s hands via mobile app, in addition to email and text.  See how it works.

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For the Utility

For our utilities,monthly account messaging is an opportunity engage and to gather information that helps refine programs and services. Through communications, utilitiesstart are able to build trust with customers about things their customers value.

Perhaps even more importantly, it provides feedback and a small reward for saving energy, and then follows up with multiple opportunities to engage about what they did. Since this is bound to happen for even the least engaged customer at some point almost every season, there are multiple opportunities to build engagement around positive experiences every year.

For Cleveland Public Power, their customers are 800x more engaged with CPP than the EPA presents as the national average of consumer engagement each year.  

Using more, less or about the same is just one example of how Brilliency can help a utility target messaging to specific customers. Want to know who has air conditioning and used more this past August as you plan for peak demand days in 2019?  We can help with that too.  Data in, data analyzed, information:  what makes Brilliency’s approach different is how we use data to create meaningful information.


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