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Brillency Adopts DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program

Cleveland, Ohio – April 6, 2019 -- Brilliency is proud to announce its particiation in DataGuard, a code of conduct that utilities and other energy companies voluntarily agree to follow. As an adopter of DataGuard, Brilliency certified that it is following the principles and guidelines established by the DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program so our customers know that their energy data is being protected and treated responsibly.


This announcement precedes the public launch of Brilliency’s direct-to-consumer mobile application, which will be available in the Apple and Android stores later this month.  Brilliency provides a modern, flexible technology platform that streamlines and deepens the relationship between people and utilities. The platform harnesses data, produce insights, and create value that drives real engagement and lasting change for providers, customers, and communities.

To date, only white-labeled versions of the platform have been available to utility customers.  Based upon customer demand for one place to manage their utility accounts, Brilliency is releasing its direct-to-consumer application that allows customers just that.  Brilliency has long-held and built its platform in alignment with strict data protection guidelines, notes founder and CEO Laura Steinbrink, “The customer’s data is the customer’s data and Brilliency understands how important it is for the customer to be able to easily access that data in one place.  We not only provide a platform that harnesses the customer’s data from the utility, but also from other sources.  We protect it for them and keep it private.  That is our promise.”

The concepts and principles specified in the DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program Voluntary Code of Conductwere created by industry stakeholders and establish a framework for common practices that protect the access, use, and sharing of customer data. DataGuard equips utilities and other energy providers and companies with a consumer-facing mechanism for demonstrating their commitment to data security and sets a national standard for privacy throughout the energy systems industry.

New technology – with increased intelligence – is allowing utilities to upgrade their electricity infrastructure to improve operations and increase efficiencies. It is also providing opportunities for new, innovative products and services so consumers can better manage their electricity use. These technologies, while providing tremendous value, have led to concerns regarding consumer data privacy.

With this in mind in 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy launched a multi-stakeholder initiative, A Voluntary Code of Conduct for Smart Grid Data Privacy,to develop a privacy code that would provide utilities and third parties not only a framework for handling and protecting customer's data, but also a visible method (i.e., brand mark) for communicating their commitment to their customers. This voluntary code of conduct is now called DataGuard.

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