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Blockland recap

The inaugural Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland was amazing! It was great to meet so many people and see the potential of blockchainas a disruptive technology. Some great speakers.


The biggest announcement at the conference is that Ohio is all-in on blockchain — and supporting startups. Ohio funds plan to invest $100 million in startups with particular focus on companies using blockchain tech.

JumpStart, along with six other funds from across Ohio, plan[sic]to invest $100 million in early-stage startups, and all of them are interested in startups that focus on using blockchain technology for business or government, like using the online ledger system to store government documents. FlashStarts, a local venture fund and business accelerator, also announced a $6 million pre-seed fund for blockchain startups.

— Emily Bamforth, (2018Dec 2), “JumpStart,FlashStarts announce millions of dollars in funding for blockchain startups,”

We had some big news too. Actually three significant milestones:

  • We announced development of our mobile Brilliency Wallet that will allow customers to earn rewards in tokens that they can use for a variety of sources such as to pay utility bills, buy energy from their neighbors and more.
  • We partnered with Swytch, an open-source platform that rewards CO2 reduction efforts with a tokenas the first alternative currency for our Wallet.
  • We demoed our soon-to-be-releasedmobile app that lets integrate their electric, gas and water utilities — and IoT devices in one place. It makes keeping the lights on and water running a lot easier, and smarter.

Blockchain is goingmake changes to the way we know things today — just like the internet did decades ago.  Congrats to Blockland’s committed volunteers and Destination Cleveland for pulling off such a well-run, well-attended and forward-thinking conference.


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