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Brilliency Incorporated Announces Release of Platform V2.0 

Cleveland, Ohio (April 22, 2019) – Brilliency Incorporated has released its v2.0 platform including a free mobile application for consumers, now available in the Apple and Google Play stores. The Brilliency platform gives households and businesses one place to track and optimize their usage of electricity, gas, and water — all from their preferred device with a single login.  Electric, gas and water utilities are able to purchase licenses to the platform to enhance their digital asset strategies and leverage the tool to deliver business results from engaged consumers. 

Brilliency’s intuitive and user-friendly mobile app makes it easy for customers of any electric, gas or water utility to report outages, pay bills, and receive alerts and energy-saving tips.  Dynamic insights into usage gives the user more control than ever to make choices that save money and manage their accounts that deliver the most basic needs for their homes and businesses - power, heat, and water.  

Brilliency’s purpose is to improve relationships between utilities and their customers by harnessing data and delivering value for both the utility and the utility’s customer.  Its v1.0 web platform was deployed by Cleveland Public Power, the nation’s 29th largest municipal utility serving over 65,000 households and businesses, in a two-year pilot that resulted in contract renewal at the end of 2018.   

"MyCPP is personalized for the consumer and the information that we collect can assist with new programs and service offerings in the future," says Ivan Henderson, commissioner of Cleveland Public Power. 

“At Brilliency, we envision households and businesses around the world that are thriving financially—with affordable and reliable access to basic needs for electricity, heating fuels, and water,” says Laura Steinbrink, Founder and CEO of Brilliency. 

The v2.0 platform was enhanced based on feedback from customers who requested a better digital solution from their utilities to understand usage, find new ways to conserve resources including energy, water, and money, and be able to communicate directly with their utilities about issues that arise. 

How do users win with the Brilliency Mobile App? 

  • Track usage over time, understanding how weather and other events impact the monthly bill amount, feel more in control over usage 
  • Identify areas for improvement to reduce costs and reduce wasted resources and set specific savings goals  
  • Have a gamified experience to make conservation fun, earning points that can be redeemed for prizes/goods/services (residential only) 
  • Have a “one stop shop” to manage all utilities with a single log-in, including transactions/bill payment 
  • Receive messages/alerts, tips to reduce consumption, pay bills, give feedback, all from one mobile app 
  • Simply report outages, leaks or deliver feedback to the utility 
  • Choose preferred method of communication and customize other aspects of the user experience based on customer data 
  • Be a good steward of community and planetary resources 



ABOUT BRILLIENCY:   Brilliency is a Cleveland-based tech firm founded by Laura Steinbrink, an entrepreneur who has focused her career on creating solutions to everyday problems.  

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