Brilliant Efficiency

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Basic Needs. Brilliant Solutions.

Brilliency provides a modern, flexible technology platform that streamlines and deepens the relationship between people and utilities.

We harness data, produce insights, and create value that drives real engagement and lasting change for everyone we serve.



We address the most pressing challenges facing utilities today with complete solutions that make utilities fully modern and highly efficient while meeting internal objectives and customer expectations.


Brilliency delivers unmatched convenience, insight, and access for utility customers. Households and businesses can now manage electric, gas, and water from a single app on the device of their choice.


We work with you to educate and incentivize the behaviors that fulfill compliance and performance goals—saving money and creating happy residents in the process.


“I think of Brilliency as the Instagram of energy.

It helps people stay connected and current with their energy providers.  

It also helps utilities become more efficient.”

Anne, homeowner, CT


“Brilliency helps me to keep track of my utility bills for my home as well as my pizza shop.

I love being able to see how my usages changes monthly, and learning how to keep prices low”

-Mike, small business owner, OH